‘Technolyt, sporty in many ways'

'Whatever you’re planning to do outdoors, Technolyt has the right gear for you'

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you will automatically come across Technolyt. Do you enjoy exercising in the fresh air, in the right outfit and with smart accessories? Are you looking for the perfect binoculars, telescope or telescopic sight? Or are you a lover of the outdoors, who likes to be challenged by nature? Whatever you want to undertake outdoors, at Technolyt you will find a complete assortment of sophisticated products that will enhance your enjoyment.
Technolyt. Superior gear. Great experience.

‘Technex offers a full service.’

'Our technological innovations optimize your industrial processes'

Various customers that work in partnership with Technex know that Technex is committed to long-term and reliable relationships with its customers. That is why Technex provides the complete “turnkey” process; from quote to delivery, commissioning and training. After the delivery, Technex’s service does not end. The customer support department at Technex keeps your equipment in top condition for reliable and accurate measuring results. Technex works very closely with a number of renowned manufacturers and research centres, which enables them to offer an attractive total package. Technex has been a reliable partner to more than 2000 companies and universities in the Benelux for over 45 years.

‘Technautic, your partner in water sports’

'Supplier of an extensive range high-quality products for nautical sports'

The world of Technautic is focused on sailing. A boat is a big investment, so people who sail have often been dreaming about it for years, been saving up for a long time, and consider their boat as their second home, as the love of their life; as their dream come true. Their boat is sacred to them; they want to enjoy it endlessly; when they’re on the water, they’re in their element. Technautic is a specialist in the technical-nautical field and has both the products and the expertise you need on your boat for an optimum water sports experience. In short: if your boat is your life, if you want to be sure that you are buying the right thing for your boat, naturally, you will want to come to Technautic. Technautic’s products, advice and expertise are part of your boat, so to speak.

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