The Way Group is a group of companies with one common objective: to provide products that are just a little smarter; just a little better thought-out than competitive products. And, of course, just a little better for the environment. With expertise, innovative technology and an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, we offer all our target groups an ingenious, customized assortment.

Technolyt is a supplier for three specialties: outdoor exercise, sports & optical equipment. All its products are well thought-out, tested by 'die-hard' users and durable. With our know-how and service. Technolyt. Superior gear. Great experience.


Technex is the distributor of specialised measuring equipment for industry and laboratory: testing, measuring and analysing equipment for research and quality control, process optimisation and stimulation. Our innovative solutions are focused on optimisation of your processes and quality improvement of your products.

 Mechanical testing Thermal testing 

Technautic completely focuses on the water sports market. A very wide assortment of water sports products fills the huge warehouse: from very technical accessories to stylish products that enhance the enjoyment of life on a boat. Technautic provides support, information and high-level service to its customers.


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